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Mesa Seafood Catering

Mesa Seafood Catering

Bro’s Seafood is a mouthwatering restaurant that has made its name for itself in communities throughout the state of Arizona. If you are looking for fresh seafood, like calamari, strong mussels, and healthy salmon, look no further — we have the perfect solution for you! We offer catering in Mesa, Arizona that is perfect for your needs. Whether you need a reliable Mesa seafood catering company for your upcoming wedding, birthday party, anniversary, or business luncheon, we can do just that. Just tell us where you need the food and when you need the food — and we can deliver our fresh and newly-caught seafood direct to your door.

About Us

After starting with a humble 10 mobile food trucks, we have now expanded into a widespread business in the entire state of Arizona. Bro’s Seafood is a huge project that now contains a full-service catering business, three dine-in restaurants, and two shared kitchens.

The owners, Tom and Todd, are two talented chefs and entrepreneurs who have a passion for food — especially seafood — and you will be able to tell that passion and culinary knowledge in the cooking and presentation of the upscale and tasty dishes. After the inception of the first food truck in 2020, Bro’s Seafood has now expanded into BLT Kitchens, more food trucks, Arizona restaurants, and much more!

Delicious Seafood

There are numerous popular and mouthwatering dishes that are going to keep you full all day long. Check out some of the top dishes that we offer in our catering services in Mesa, AZ!

One of the most popular dishes you can order for your Mesa celebration is the loaded seafood fries. The loaded seafood fries feature crispy fries, golden shrimp, crab mayonnaise, and a secret “bang bang” sauce that adds a special kick to every single bite! If you want something a little more filing, try the famous lobster and crab roll. This infamous sandwich has succulent slices of crab, large bits of lobster, and lemon butter, served on a warm and hot bun. Another favorite that we love to share with the table is the shrimp and fries basket. Get the crispy fried shrimp to have a fresh crunch on every single bite! Dip the crispy shrimp into wasabi mayonnaise for a spicy treat and finish it off with some yummy fries.

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