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Ahwatukee Seafood Catering

Ahwatukee Seafood Catering

If you are throwing a fun holiday party, birthday party, friend get-together, or family reunion, chances are you don’t want to cook for dozens or hundreds of people. But how can you make sure that everyone leaves happy and well-fed? Well, Bro’s Seafood Ahwatukee seafood catering, of course! When it comes to churning out high-quality food that is going to keep you full for hours on end, we are the best in the area. Not only do we offer carefully crafted menu items, fresh seafood, and on-time delivery, but we have a wide variety of lunch, dinner, and snack options that are perfect for people with varying tastes and interests.

Tasty Seafood for Your Event

Along with the classic lobster rolls, with hearty meat and buttery rolls, we have the classic English dish of fish and chips, shrimp baskets to share with your friends, and other popular items that we guarantee you will love. And instead of having to go to a local shop to pick up food or all of the ingredients, we come to you in Ahwatukee! We have drop-off catering services for your dishes, and on-site food trucks, so you can choose the level of service you require for your event. Not only do we offer a variety of options for our guests, but we have a large range of options that can suit your unique needs!

Our  Ahwatukee catering seafood truck can be there at any time for your on-site event. Do you want a food truck to come for lunch or a kid’s birthday party? We can do just that! Do you need late night shrimp sandwiches or lobster rolls for a family reunion? We can come late in the day to make sure your guests are well fed!

Check out some of our tasty and fresh seafood dishes so you know what you want to order. Luckily for our customers, we have a wide range of snacks and entrees that work well for your specific taste buds. We highly recommend getting the lobster or crab rolls for a casual lunch, filled with tasty and real crab meat and real lobster meat. Another popular option is the crunchy and savory Bang Bang Shrimp complete with our famous bang bang sauce, crab mayonnaise, and fresh bread or crispy fries. There really is no going wrong with any of our dishes from Bro’s Seafood! We even cater for specific dietary requirements. Browse our wide variety of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free alternatives.

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We make sure that everyone, and anyone, can enjoy our fresh food! Contact Bro’s Seafood today to get started with your Ahwatukee catering order.


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