Your Mother will Love Bro’s Seafood this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a treasured holiday among many for countless reasons. It’s a fantastic occasion to take life at a slower pace and spend time with loved ones, while celebrating Moms and the mother figures in your life, whether it’s a grandmother, great-aunt, close family friend, or anyone else you hold dear on this special holiday. It also marks the time of year when spring is at its peak for many places around the world, meaning breezy weather perfect for gathering on the patio, bouquets full of fresh-cut spring blooms, and shopping for the upcoming summer season. It’s the perfect season to celebrate Mom and treat her to anything and everything out of the ordinary. If you’re looking for the best Mother’s Day Arizona catering, your mother will love Bro’s Seafood this Mother’s Day!

Treat Mom to the Top Seafood Catering in AZ

Living in the desert, we’re sure you already know that fresh seafood is hard to come by. Whether it’s day-old sushi cuts that were refrigerated overnight or the hotdog equivalent of fish and chips, we’ve all had at least one subpar seafood dining experience. But never fear, because at Bro’s Seafood, we source the finest quality ingredients and put meticulous care into the preparation of our straightforward dishes that burst with flavor. Our company was founded by some of the best local chefs in Phoenix, AZ, and has grown into something special with our Bro’s Seafood food truck and our outstanding catering services. Through trial and error, we believe we’ve perfected the best seafood in Arizona. If you’re looking to treat Mom to something unique and special this Mother’s Day, start with Bro’s Seafood!

Delicious Seafood Restaurant in Arizona that Speaks for Itself

We could go on all day about how terrific our seafood is, but let’s get down to the details. Whether your Mom is already a huge seafood fan or a casual seafood diner, there’s something on our menu that she’ll fall in love with! We aim to offer a variety of classic seafood staples, cooked and fried to golden perfection for a flawless bite, every time.

Our first menu highlights begin with our fantastic seafood rolls. Your Mom will be in heaven when she gets to sample the best lobster roll in Phoenix! Our rolls start on a buttered, split-top bun, toasted just right and then stuffed with mouthwatering filling. In our Lobster Roll, you’ll find tender, juicy pieces of lobster, covered in our special lemon butter. Next up is our popular Crab Roll, which boasts pieces of succulent, real crab meat with lemon butter. Our final roll is a genius combination of the two, so you can enjoy the best of both flavors, along with the same scrumptious lemon butter sauce. You don’t have to travel all the way to Maine for a genuine lobster roll—we have the best seafood rolls in Arizona!

The other half of our menu offers a variety of fish and fries, casual bites that go far beyond the quality of any local restaurant or pub. Start off with our innovative Loaded Seafood Fries. Just what it sounds like, it’s a bed of our golden crispy fries, topped with perfectly fried shrimp, our fantastic real crab mayo, and then finished off with a generous drizzle of our sweet and spicy bang bang sauce. It’s a great idea to order several as an appetizer for a Mother’s Day brunch, an upscale dish that will make you feel like you’re dining at a restaurant in the privacy of your own backyard!

Continuing with our fish and shrimp menu, our next dish is the best shrimp and fries in Phoenix! Perfect in its simplicity, you’ll get ten crispy fried shrimp, our tasty golden fries, and a side of our extraordinary atomic wasabi ketchup. Or opt for our Bang Bang Shrimp and Fries, a dish fashioned of our signature fried shrimp tossed in our homemade bang bang sauce, served alongside flawlessly crispy fries. If your Mom loves shrimp, there’s no choice other than Bro’s Seafood, as we take our shrimp dishes seriously!

Last up is the tried-and-true classic, Fish and Chips. Forget taking Mom to a dingy pub just so she can get her hands on this traditional dish—order from Bro’s Seafood and enjoy it at home as you relax in the breezy weather with a bottle of Mom’s favorite beer or beverage. Our Fish and Chips is high-quality cod, that we beer-batter and serve with fries and our house-made tartar sauce. Whatever you pick, Mom will love our quality seafood in Arizona!

Give Mom the Gift of Bro’s Seafood Today

Beyond our amazing food, we bring amazing customer service to the table. We’ll help you get the perfect catering order started for Mom, whether it’s our convenient drop-off seafood catering, pick-up seafood catering, or even something more formal for your Mother’s Day event. Contact us to learn more today!


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