Wedding Season is Here! Have Bro’s Seafood Cater Your Big Day

Is there anything better than wedding season in Arizona? The weather is usually perfect, flowers are in full bloom, and the desert sunsets remain as vibrant as ever. In fact, it has nearly everything you could want for a wedding locale unless maybe you count the beach! One of the best things about catering your own wedding is that you can completely decide the mood of your reception—so why not bring the ocean vibe straight to the party with catering from Bro’s Seafood?

That’s right, the iconic culinary project from the minds behind beloved valley concepts such as Aioli Burger, along with the founder of the Bro’s Seafood concept, have formed a team to bring you some of the best seafood catering in Arizona and the valley. If you’ve been searching for the ideal seafood catering in Phoenix and beyond, you’ve found it with Bro’s Seafood! We’re proud to announce that we are now offering wedding catering, so whether you’re a seafood lover or just trying to bring a bit of coastal elegance to your wedding events, we’ve got you covered with our seafood wedding catering in Arizona!

Unbelievable Seafood Catering for All Wedding Events

Maybe you’re throwing a tropical-themed wedding shower, or you want to order something casual yet scrumptious for your rehearsal dinner. Or perhaps you want your wedding reception to have the best seafood around—whatever your vision for your seafood wedding catering, we can bring it to your party with Bro’s Seafood.

Our menu is simple, but its straightforward style results in excellence, unlike any other seafood catering in the valley. It’s perfect for those who adore seafood, and we’d say it’s also ideal for those who only occasionally dabbles with dishes from the sea! Our signature selections start with our rolls, which we’re very well-known for. Our rolls start with a flawlessly toasted top split bun, which forms the canvas for a culinary work of art. From here we can create our Crab Roll—real pieces of succulent crab meat, piled high and drizzled with mouth-watering lemon butter. Next up comes our Lobster Roll, with chunks of lobster and lemon butter. Can’t choose? Well, our third roll is a heavenly combination of both, complete with our lemon butter.

The menu doesn’t end there. You’ll have even more choices for unforgettable seafood entrees with the other half of our menu! Fish and shrimp lovers will rejoice, as we have the classic Fish and Chips, as well as the Shrimp and Fries Basket. Each comes with an assortment of golden fries cooked to perfection, along with our house-made tartar sauce and atomic wasabi ketchup. Our cod is expertly beer battered and fried, while the exterior of the fried shrimp is always crispy.

Next up is our unique creation of Loaded Seafood Fries. We guarantee you’ve never seen a loaded fry of this caliber before! We start with our amazing golden fries, then pile on our fried shrimp. We finish it with our real crab mayo and our house-made bang bang sauce. If you love our bang bang sauce, the next dish is something you’ll easily fall in love with—Bang Bang Shrimp! Fried shrimp tossed in bang bang sauce, creating a flavorful bite, paired with our crispy fries. There’s something for everyone, and with catering selections like these, your wedding will certainly be memorable for everyone that attends!

The Best Seafood Wedding Catering in Arizona

We’ve catered to all manner of events, and we know that wedding events are some of the most important times you’ll ever have, whether it’s a bridal shower or a bachelor party. We at Bro’s Seafood take that seriously in both the excellent preparation of our food and our excellent customer service. We strive for only the best, whether it’s the sourcing of our ingredients, the selections in our menu, or the experience we can give our clients—particularly with monumental life events such as these!

We started with a dream to create the best seafood restaurant in Arizona, and we’ve done that and so much more with our simple yet refined menu that brings you world-class coastal dishes right to the desert. Forget about settling for subpar seafood catering from a big chain restaurant or grocery store with premade items that lack flavor—with our seafood catering, you’ll feel like you’re dining oceanside!

We’re always willing to work with our clients to achieve their dreams for their wedding event catering and would love to discuss how we can cater your special day or wedding event in Arizona. Feel free to fill out our contact form, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to discuss how we can bring your catering vision to life with our 2023 wedding seafood catering in Phoenix, Arizona!


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