Enjoy a Romantic Meal at Bro’s Seafood this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is always a special holiday to look forward to. Whether you’re a fan of the Valentine’s Day treats that materialize at work that day, sending your kids to school with brightly colored Valentine’s Day cards featuring their favorite cartoon characters, or are looking forward to your sweetheart sending you gifts and flowers, there’s some sort of joy to be found for everyone on Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday that can be celebrated with all of your loved ones, even if you’re not in a romantic relationship. If you’re looking to add even more happiness to your Valentine’s Day in Phoenix, AZ this year, enjoy a romantic meal at Bro’s Seafood!

Created by Arizona’s Best Chefs and Culinary Experts

Bro’s Seafood is the brainchild of some of Arizona’s top pioneers in the culinary scene, who have brought their dining concepts to life with catering, food trucks, and brick-and-mortar locations. By this upcoming Valentine’s Day, our chefs and founders will have years of experience. The founders began with one food truck, the locally famous Aioli Gourmet Burgers, and their love of exploring new culinary creations blossomed the enterprise into a full-service catering company with multiple food trucks, restaurants, and shared kitchens in the valley. Not only do we have proven expertise in the industry, but we also have excellent customer service and treat our customers like family. What more could you want for an amazing Valentine’s Day dinner?

Take Your Romantic Valentine’s Day Meal to the Next Level

Bro’s Seafood is coastal-inspired food at its best and is the result of an extremely hard work ethic and ambitious drive for success that is reflected in the quality of the menu items. Expect nothing but the finest ingredients, expertly prepared and presented for a top-tier experience for the senses. Seafood often has an exclusive reputation, whether it’s an upscale steakhouse or a drive-through taco stand—wherever you find it, it has an air of delicacy as it was sourced from the vast and unknowable sea, and usually through arduous efforts. It’s the ideal meal for a Valentine’s Day celebration!

On our menu you’ll find a selection of delicious culinary creations from the sea, starting with our famous seafood rolls. Our Lobster Roll harkens back to seaside lobster shacks in the northeast, presented on a toast split top bun and marinated in scrumptious lemon butter. Or try our Crab Roll, served the same classic way and guaranteed to be real, succulent crab meat. For the ultimate roll, pair the two in our Lobster and Crab Roll—never a disappointment!

For those who adore their fish and shrimp dishes, our menu at Bro’s Seafood offers even more to enjoy for your romantic Valentine’s Day meal. Go a classic route with our amazing fish and chips basket—done better than if you were in London or any other coastal city! Our tartar sauce is also house-made, so you know you’re getting the good stuff. Opposite of the fish and chips, we have our shrimp and fries basket—served alongside our atomic wasabi ketchup. For those who love a bit of adventure, our bang bang shrimp and fries are perfect, served with our house-made bang bang sauce. Or opt for our loaded seafood fries, topped with golden fried shrimp, real crab mayo, and our signature bang bang sauce.

With so many delicious options, it might be hard to choose—but whatever you do get, you’ll have a Valentine’s Day meal that will be one of the best you’ve ever had!

Many Ways to Enjoy Bro’s Seafood this Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re hosting an office party or just planning a romantic night at home, Bro’s Seafood is the perfect option for your Valentine’s Day meal or catering in Phoenix, AZ. We offer several services from drop-off catering to buffet catering to our food truck rental. There’s something to fit your Valentine’s Day plans, and we’ll work with you to find the best option. Cater your Valentine’s Day romantic dinner with the best seafood from Bro’s Seafood!

Only the Best Seafood in Arizona for Your Valentine’s Day

When you’re thinking about putting a Valentine’s Day meal on the agenda, it makes sense that you would only want the best for this special occasion that only rolls around once a year. Why waste your money or time on something that turns out to be a subpar experience? Well not when you have your Valentine’s Day meal at Bro’s Seafood this year—instead of an extremely forgettable experience at a chain restaurant or mall-side eatery, you’ll have a Valentine’s Day meal to remember forever. Think outside the box this Valentine’s Day, and cater your party, get-together, or romantic meal with Bro’s Seafood—you can’t possibly regret it! Contact us today to learn more!


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