The 2023 Superbowl is Happening in Arizona! Have Bro’s Seafood Cater Your Celebrations!

If you’ve ever lived in a town where the Superbowl has been hosted, you know how electric the atmosphere can be in the week leading up to the big game. In fact, the last time we hosted the event in Arizona was in 2015, and it proved to be a busy and exciting week of fans descending upon the town, special events, and parties all over the valley. It’s a great time to throw a Superbowl party of your own—whether it’s a private affair or a sponsored event, being this close to the energy of the game is an event that happens only once a decade or so! If you’re planning your 2023 Superbowl party, take the stress out of figuring out the menu, and have Bro’s Seafood cater your celebrations!

A Gourmet Food Truck Born in the Valley

Bro’s Seafood is a gourmet food truck offering up an innovative menu of seafood classics and dishes with a creative twist. Where your other food trucks out there might serve up unimaginative basics, our menu was carefully crafted to be an entire experience—just like your Superbowl party! The team behind the vision of Bro’s Seafood has tons of catering expertise and knows how to help your Superbowl party go off flawlessly. With multiple catering options, you can easily find one to fit your party, so you can relax and focus on enjoying the day with your friends and guests. We make it easy on you, freeing you up to plan the other aspects of the party without worrying about the catering.

Delicious Catering for Your Superbowl Celebration

When you’re throwing an event like a Superbowl party, it can be difficult to decide what kind of catering to get. Ditch the wings and pizza, and instead opt for seafood dishes with a comfort food flair. Our menu offers up a variety of options, and seafood lovers will find it hard to choose just one—and we bet we can turn even the harshest seafood critics into a fan without mouth-watering recipes and expert preparation. You truly can’t go wrong with our Superbowl party catering—with a menu like ours, it’s bound to be a hit!

Finely Crafted Casual Food Perfect for a Superbowl Party

Once you take a look at our fantastic menu of dishes, it’s hard to see what’s not to like—especially if you’re a seafood fan! We offer three delicious rolls—our Lobster and Crab Roll, Lobster Roll, and Crab Roll. Each comes on a toasted split top bun, with lemon butter. On the fish and fries side, we have a selection of dishes served with crispy fries. Take the Shrimp and Fries Basket—a classic served alongside atomic wasabi ketchup. Or the Bang Bang Shrimp, fried shrimp tossed in a house-made sauce. We also offer Fish and Chips, and our one-of-a-kind Loaded Seafood Fries, with fried shrimp, crab mayo, and bang bang sauce.

Hosting a Big Superbowl Party? Rent Our Bro’s Seafood Food Truck!

There are times when you’re throwing a massive event and the catering logistics won’t line up—whether it’s space issues or just something that requires too much of your attention, sometimes large catering services just don’t make sense. That’s where our food truck comes in! All we need is a place to park, and we can serve your Superbowl party guests items freshly made from our delicious menu. The truck is equipped to handle larger events and takes up less space than most full-service catering packages. You may have seen us at events around the valley before, serving up fresh seafood favorites—usually you have to be close to the coast to get seafood this good!

Catering Services for All Styles of Superbowl Parties

If you’re not planning a huge event that would require our truck, but still want to order excellent catering for your Superbowl celebrations, we’re happy to say we offer multiple catering services for Superbowl parties in the valley. For those who prefer a no-frills style of catering, we offer a drop-off service where you can get the same amazing food delivered right to your door, and have minimal cleanup after the party. If you do want more traditional catering, we can provide stations manned by our expert chefs—great for corporate parties or backyard get-togethers. We aim to make the catering experience as effortless as it can be, so you can kick back and enjoy the Superbowl party you planned!

Contact Us to Cater Your Superbowl Party

We’re dedicated to helping you pull off the Superbowl party of your dreams, with flawless catering for a memorable event. Our team would love to work with you—just contact us to learn more about our catering services, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible!


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